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"Deposit" is what we accept to put you on our waiting list for a specific litter. This deposit is gender based. We accept male and female deposits. The puppies are chosen in the order that the deposit was placed. So 1st dep for female = 1st choice f, 2nd f dep = 2nd choice f and so on. We only accept 2 male and 2 female deposits per litter and we can not guarantee that your chosen gender will be born in any litter. After that, we will accept limited "floating" deposits to be placed on our general wait list. 

"Floating Deposit"


"Floating Deposit" or better known as a "GENERAL WAIT LIST" is a term that we are begining to use lately. It is similar to a normal deposit except that it isn't "set" on a specific litter. I simply collect deposits and they are not gender based. If any of my "full" litters have more than 4 puppies, (which they typically always do) the first person in line for the floating deposit will get first option to "land" on that litter. You will be notified by email as soon as puppies arrive and will need to respond to me within a short period of time (typically a couple hours after momma is done delivering for floating deposits) as to wether you want to be on that litter or pass to the next. If I don't hear from you, in the short period of time, I consider that as a pass. A Floating deposit is a good choice if you just simply want a puppy and are not overly particular about who the parents are. OR if you are just wanting to be on our list for our next available puppy. This is helpful as even the normal deposit list (specific litter) is not guaranteed to produce the exact puppy you want and in that case your deposit will need to be transferred. Floating  and regular Miniature Deposits are $400 Toy floating and regular Deposits are $500


These are for specific litters, are gender based, and can be transferred at any time to any available puppy. A "REGULAR DEPOSIT" on a specific litter takes priority over all floating deposits waiting for that litter.







NOTICE: Before making any payment, the deposit amount for your puppy is non refundable. Even if you are paying in full! Before pushing that button and making payment, please be aware that there will be no refunds for the deposit amount for the puppy of your choice. NO MATTER HOW MUCH TIME HAS GONE BY!

Thank you.



If the unforseen ever arises and your puppy has a life threatening genetic defect, you will be entitled to a replacement puppy. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN! Please be fully aware of this before placing any deposit or payment! By purchasing this puppy, you agree to all terms and conditions.


Our guarantee/Contract will be filled out and sent to you typically within 10 days of the puppies 8 week birth date. Times for each litter may vary depending upon how busy we are here. If you would like to see a blank copy, feel free to ask. We will need the filled out and signed by you guarantee returned to us prior to shipping. 



STOP!!!!!! please read terms and conditions HERE:  before paying. ALL deposits are non refundable!

ALL PAYMENTS MADE HERE UNLESS DIRECTED OTHERWISE!!!! (shipping, deposits, all payments)

Miniature Deposit $400

Toy Deposit $500

Shipping is $400

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