How To Reserve A Puppy

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Step ~ 1) Search our site and decide if you wish to get a puppy from us.

Step ~ 2) Decide what size, (miniature, toy, or tiny toy) Miniature has some overlap but they typially range from 33-58 lbs with a 36-46 lb average. Toy is 35 lbs or less, Tiny toy is 20 lbs or less. 

Step ~ 3) See what color and gender you prefer.

Step ~ 4) Place your deposit to be placed on our future litters. 

Step ~ 5) Email me the above info so that I can place you on the correct list.

Make sure your budget will allow the size you are wanting, look at our price page.

QUESTION: 1) How long does it take to actually receive a puppy?

      Answer: a) It will depend on two factors. 1) how long it takes to get a full list and 2) When the next female comes into season.

Question: 2) How long does it take from the first mating until I receive my puppy?

     Answer: a) Aproximately 17 weeks from first mating until shipping/pick up date (puppy is 8 weeks old)

Question: 3) Are preborn deposits refundable?

     Short answer: a) No

     Long answer: a) Okay so, we "used" to just breed litters and give people selections of which litters to choose from.

The issue is...I get too many "left over" puppies that I dont have time to socialize and train. Which can result in shy, standoffish, skittish animals that need special homes. So, by creating a list, I am hoping to only breed as many litters as I have homes for. If deposits were refundable....that would defeat the whole purpose of that.
Question: 4) How long will I "likely: have to wait to get my puppy?
     Answer: a) Likely not more than 6 mos as I do want to get people their puppies in a timely manor.
Question: 5) With covid being an issue, how can I expect to get my puppy?
     Answer: a) I don't have all the answers for this. I do know that Alaska Airlines and American Airlines do allow people to fly with their puppy in the cabin. Many people are choosing this option currently.
                    b) People are driving to pick up their puppies.
                    c) People are meeting to pick up puppies in Idaho.
                    d) People are having their puppies shipped to Seattle. Some then have their puppy picked up by a boarding facility and put on another direct flight from Seattle to an airport closer to them. (this does get expensive but it does seem to be an option)